Parika man shot dead during robbery


Somdat Ramgobin, 46, also known as “Rakesh”, was killed last night when bandits invaded his Parika Backdam home.

According to the dead man’s sister, her brother had just closed his grocery business for the night at around 21:00hrs when two men entered the premises.

One of the perpetrators, who was brandishing a gun, inquired from a friend of the now dead man who was at the property at the time, of the owner’s whereabouts.

Reports are that the perpetrators asked for “Rakesh”.

After gaining the information, the men place the friend, identified as Ravi Gonsalves, to lay on the ground.

The men then proceeded to call out to Ramgobin who responded, and was immediately attacked with a glass bottle and beaten to his head and body.

The duo then demanded cash and was given some $600,000 by the now dead man. Unsatisfied, the men then demanded jewelry and after being told that there was none, they took Ramgobin to a bedroom in his house where they shot him to his chest.

The bandits then quickly made good their escape in a white motorcar which was said to be parked outside.

Gonsalves reportedly ran out of the house and sounded an alarm, however by that time Ramgobin had already succumbed.

The matter was reported and the police promptly responded to the scene of the crime.

The matter is being investigated.



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