Parika fisherman stabbed to death by sister



A 30-year-old woman is now in police custody after she would have reportedly killed her brother, 20-year-old Alex Morgow.

Morgow, a fisherman of Parika Backdam, was stabbed once to his chest on Sunday at around 17:45hrs.

Morgow lived together with his reputed wife, his sister and his nephew.

On the day in question, the entire family visited a friend of the sister’s at Parika – where the adults started to consume alcohol.

Some two hours later, they left for home.

On arrival home at about 17:30hrs, the fisherman and his wife had an argument over food that she prepared for him, which resulted in him pushing her to the ground.

While on the ground, he kicked and slapped her in the presence of his sister. As such, the sister intervened, resulting in an argument and a physical altercation between the siblings.

The sister then ran to the kitchen, where she picked up a knife and rushed back to her brother where they continued arguing.

Eventually, the sister allegedly stabbed the man to his left side chest.

The body was then escorted to Leonora Cottage Hospital, where the man was pronounced dead.

The sister was arrested and is assisting with the investigation.