Parika bed sheet murder: Accused shot at by police, manages to escape


The 28-year-old man who is wanted by police in connection with the murder of his reputed wife, Dhanwattie Ram, moments ago escaped from the police in Roden Rust, East Bank Essequibo, even as shots were fired.

Ganesh Dhanraj managed to escape the clutches of the police

Based on reports received, the man, Ganesh Dhanraj of Parika, East Bank Essequibo was found by police following a tip off that the man was in the area.

Dhanraj was reportedly in the company of his sister when police swooped down on them. Ignoring warnings to halt and surrender, Dhanraj attempted to runaway and in the process shots were fired by the police who were trying to apprehend him.

However, he still managed to escape, reportedly by plunging into the Essequibo river.

The sister of the man was reportedly detained and is being questioned as the search continues for Dhanraj.

Inews broke the tragic story of 29-year-old Dhanwattie Ram, who was allegedly strangled with a bed sheet by her reputed husband on Wednesday morning.

Ram, a mother of three, was said to have been suffering at the hands of Dhanraj also known as “Andre” for approximately 12 years.

Determined to no longer take the reported verbal and physical abuse at the hands of the man entrusted to protect her, Ram left his home, four days prior to her death, with her three children and went to live with her relatives in Parika Facade.

Ram’s lifeless body was found in a sitting position with a sheet around her neck

However, on Tuesday evening the accused visited Ram’s home and demanded that she return home with him. She reportedly refused and this angered him to the point that he allegedly physically assaulted her and left the premises.

On Wednesday morning, the woman was on her way to report the assault to the police station, when her reputed husband reportedly intercepted and forced her into his vehicle and took her to his home.

Inews understands that it was at that point that neighbours heard screams as the man  attacked her in his house.

Upon entering the yard, neighbors indicated that they saw him ruining towards the backdam in Parika.

Ram’s lifeless body was subsequently found on a chair in a sitting position with a sheet around her neck.


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