Parents charged for allegedly assaulting man found in home with their 15-y-o daughter


A man who was found hiding in a couple’s Durban Street, Georgetown home after allegedly being invited by the couple’s 15-year-old daughter has brought the duo before the court of law for unlawful and malicious wounding.

The defendants, Kerwin James, 32, and his common law wife Lusha Adams appeared before a city Magistrate on Monday and denied the allegations that were made out against them.

It is alleged that the couple, Adams and James unlawfully and maliciously wounded Mario Bruce with intent to maim, disfigure and to cause actual bodily harm on August 22 at Durban Street, Georgetown.

The police prosecutor is contending that on the day in question the defendants left their 15-year-old daughter at home alone when she reportedly invited the victim; with whom she allegedly shared a relationship with, over to the house.

Upon returning home, Bruce was found in the upper flat of the house and was allegedly dealt a sound trashing by the defendants who they thought was a ‘thief’.

Defence attorney for the couple, in an application for bail told the court that when they got home the man was hiding in a bedroom and upon seeing them he attempted to run.

It was at that time he was caught and questioned by the girl’s mother and stepfather about his presence at their home.

The parents were each grated $50,000 bail and ordered to return on November, 12 for statements.



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