Parents can now enter compound of Mon Repos Primary School – MOE

Mon Repos Primary School polling station

Following reports that parents were barred from entering the compound of the Mon Repos Primary School to drop off their children, the Education Ministry has intervened and as such, they are now allowed to do so.

This was revealed in a missive from the Education Ministry on Monday but it stated that certain conditions will be applied.

According to the statement, investigations revealed that the parents were staying in the school’s compound during instructional periods which is not allowed.

An agreement was struck between the school’s administration and the Ministry which will allow parents to bring their children into the school as per normal but once the bell rings “, those parents who are still within the confines of the school waiting the dismissal time should be encouraged to go home and return at dismissal time for the children”.

An emergency Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting was scheduled to discuss these matters in the new week.

The Ministry assured that normalcy has been restored and that the situation will continue to be monitored closely to ensure that all stakeholders are on-board and that efforts are made to strengthen the School-Community relationship.


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