Parent fears cover-up of interpersonal violence at Diamond/Grove Primary School


By Kurt Campbell

[] – A 9-year-old Fifth Grader had to be rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Center, East Bank Demerara on Wednesday (October 9) after he sustained injuries to his head during an apparent scuffle with another boy at the Diamond/Grove Primary School.

The injured Brad Kilkenny is still a patient at the hospital and is said to be in and out of consciousness, resulting from significant blood loss.  The boy received several stitches to his head.

Relating the incident to iNews was the lad’s mother Jennifer Kilkenny. She said according to her son, he was in the compound during recess when another Fifth Grader walked into him.  She said her son demanded an apology from the boy which led to a confrontation.

It subsequently escalated to a scuffle which ended within minutes. However, moments later while at another location in the compound of the school, the boy attacked Kilkenny, throwing him to the ground and then subsequently hitting his head on a rock.

The injured lad’s mother further related that the perpetrator ran away after he observed blood running from her son’s head. Teachers were subsequently notified and Kilkenny was rushed to the health institution.

The older Kilkenny related that when she meet with the mother of the boy who attacked her son, she indicated that she was a single parent and there was nothing she could do to help. She said when she told the woman of her son’s unconscious state; she replied “you need to feed your son more.”

Moreover, Kilkenny feels there is an attempt to cover-up the story by teachers at the school. She said she was asked by the teachers not to involve the police and have some leniency. Kilkenny related that she did not yield to those request since she was informed that a lot of interpersonal violence cases are swept under the carpet by teachers there.

She said there are also reports of cases where teachers abuse children.

Kilkenny made a report to the police station nonetheless and the police are now left to collect a medical from the hospital. Kilkenny is maintains that her son must be compensated for injuries suffered.



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