Palmyra man found dead in canal


The body of 65-year-old Ralph Appiah of Lot 97 Public Road Palmyra, Berbice was on Tuesday pulled from a canal close to his home.

According to police, the now-dead man was a known alcoholic, who would wander when he was under the influence.

From time to time, passersby would make contact with his wife or other relatives whenever they saw him walking along the roadway.

The police said at about 8:20h, Appiah’s body was seen floating in the canal which is about 25 feet deep and located about 300 hundred feet from his home.

His wife, Pulmattie Appiah related that on Monday evening, she left her husband sleeping as she went to a wake in the community.

She explained that he suffered from a terminal illness. However, whilst at the wake she was told that he was seen on the road and claimed that he was going to the shop. However, as she was heading home, she saw him going towards the house but he never reached.

His body was found the next morning. Appiah leaves to mourn his wife and three children. The couple had been married for 45 years.