Pakera’s Samantha Ashby died from broken hip, fractured skull – PME


10710996_10203417538453798_665947989406889751_n-320x310[] – A post mortem examination was yesterday (Wednesday September 17), performed by Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh on the body of Samantha Ashby, of Pakera, North West District, whose body was found in a clump of bushes at Mathews Ridge on September 16.

He gave the cause of death as due to multiple injuries, broken hip and fractured skull.

The naked and battered dead body of the woman was found behind a community centre in a clump of bushes.

The 32-year-old woman was found by several schoolchildren and residents believe she may have been raped and beaten to death.

It was said to be the work of more than one person, who apparently lured the woman to the spot in a drunken state after which she was killed.

Ashby was seen in a shop in the village on Monday night imbibing with a group of men, who are said to be miners, after which her whereabouts were unknown.

She frequents the mining areas in the region and would spend some time before venturing back into the village; she was said to be in the habit of visiting bars and shops in the community, where she drank heavily.


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