Painter arraigned on robbery-under-arms charge


A 39-year-old painter was on Monday arraigned at the Vreed-en-hoop Magistrates’ Court on a robbery-under-arms charge when he appeared before Magistrate Crystal Lambert.

Edward Gudge, of Lot 192 Back Street, Grove, East Bank Demerara pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him.

The Court heard that on June 1 2018, the accused- along with two others- robbed a 38-year-old Housewife of Patentia, West Bank Demerara of $440,000 in jewellery, $48,000 in cigarettes, alcohol in the sum of $396,000, $642,000 in mobile phone cards, one DVR valued at $108,000 and $500,000 cash.

The three suspects were all armed.

Police related that on July 20 2018, an identification parade was conducted at the Wales Police Station, where the victim managed to positively identify Gudge.

Bail was granted for the accused in the sum of $200,000 and the matter was transferred to the Wales Magistrates Court, where the case is expected to continue on August 9 2018.


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