Overwhelming response to bulk waste removal in Region 6


securedownload[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Household Bulk Waste Removal Programme implemented  under the “Clean-Up My Country” Programme had a successful outcome in Region No. 6 –  East Berbice/Corentyne where 539 truckloads comprising household bulk waste and illegal garbage piles were removed from communities within from the Municipal Town Council (MTC) of New Amsterdam   to Crabwood Creek/Molsen Creek Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

The programme was present in communities within the nineteen Local Authority Bodies over an eleven day period (Monday November 10, to Sunday 20 November, 2014) which provided the opportunity for residents to get rid of household bulk waste and for parapets to be cleared of road side garbage piles.

In response to the large volume of garbage in Corriverton around the Municipal Market area and along the sea wall area,  the pick-up schedule was extended to facilitate the removal of approximately 80 loads of debris.

The following outlines the total number of truckloads of roadside garbage piles and residential bulk waste removed from all  NDCs/Municipalities in East Berbice/Corentyne:

MTC New Amsterdam / Enfield/New Doe                                     31 loads

Rose Hall Town Council / Ordinance/Fort Lands                            90 loads

Canefield/Enterprise / Kintyre/N0.37                                            15 loads

Gibraltar/Fyrish/Kilcoy/Hampshire                                               18 loads

Port Mourant/John/Bloomfield/Whim                                            42 loads

Lancaster/Hogstyle /N0. 52/74                                                    82 loads

Maida/Tarlogie/Black Bush NDC                                                  52 loads

Bush Lot-Adventure/  Macedonia-Joppa                                        69 loads

Corriverton Town Council/  Crabwood Creek/ Hope-51                    140 loads 

When asked about the comparison of the volume of waste picked up in Region 4 – Demerara/Mahaica and Regional 6 – East Berbice/Corentyne, Bramhanand Singh – Programme Implementing Officer – said, “the volume varies from NDC to NDC”. The Implementing Officer elaborated that “NDCs which have a regular garbage collection schedule had fewer illegal garbage piles(as in the case of Region 4) as compared to NDCs  which have  irregular garbage collection system (as in the case of Region 6)”. In Region 4, the bulk waste programme was executed over a five day period (October 27 to October 31) during which, 163 truckloads of bulk waste illegal garbage piles were removed.

In summing up, Bramhanand Singh said, “generally, in Region 4, there was a larger volume of bulk waste than in Region 6 which had more illegal dump sites to be cleared”.

Next, the household bulk waste and illegal garbage piles removal programme will be implemented in Region No. 5  –  Mahaica-Berbice from Monday 24th November  to Friday 28th November 2014, followed by Region No. 3 – Essequibo Islands-West Demerara from Monday 1st December to Saturday 8th December, 2014, and in Region 2 – Pomeroon-Supenaam from Monday 8th December to Sunday 14th December 2014. Residents desirous of disposing of their household bulk waste are asked to place waste in front of their premises for free collection by 08:00hrs on the day of pickup. Commercial waste will not be facilitated in this programme.



November 24, 2014            Rosignol/Zeelust



November 25, 2014           Bel Air/Woodlands

 Bath/Woodley Park


November 26, 2014        Seafield/Tempie



November 27, 2014       Profit/Rising Sun



November 28, 2014       Hamlet/Chance



  1. i wonder what the NDC’s and the RDC did with rates’ payers money; this initiative will highlight the weak controlling mechanism and the level of incompetent of these legal bodies…shame on them

  2. For how long imagine it got to take the treat of losing votes for the PPP to give people their rights stupssssssswiss.


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