Over $80M in road upgrade done in Region 3

Upgraded Gap Road, La Jalousie, WCD
Upgraded Gap Road, La Jalousie, WCD
Upgraded Gap Road, La Jalousie, WCD

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Approximately 2,000 residents are now directly benefiting from improved roads, in Anna Catherina, Windsor Forest and La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara, Region Three.

According to the Ministry of Housing, the structures were upgraded from Double Bitumen Surface Treatment to Asphaltic concrete surface.

Last June, the Ministry of Housing and Water through its Community Roads Improvement Programme (CRIP) awarded contracts totaling $80.704M to Bardon Construction Service.

The contractor was tasked with upgrading the Main Access Road to the cemetery, Last Street and First Cross Street in Anna Catherina; Mandir Street in Windsor Forest; and Gap Road in La Jalousie.

“Residents as well as members of the business community have expressed satisfaction with the quality of road works executed in their respective areas. Potholes and depressions that once reduced travel time and provided inconveniences have been replaced with smooth surfaces boasting safety features for drivers and pedestrians,” the Housing Ministry noted in a press release.


  1. ppp yall dumb…build new roads..resurface old roads..pave all previous roads…
    but de dummies in ppp wont place weight restrictions on these roads…de business people with their heavy duty vehicles will bruck up these roads in no time then pnc people will protest then start marching for bad roads and boom blame ppp..


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