Over 80 D’ Urban Backlands children get back – to – school gears



[www.inewsguyana.com] – Faces lit up and smiles got wider on expressions of dozens of children when the Sonic Hunters biking club visited the area on Saturday (August 30), to donate back – to school gears ahead of tomorrow’s commencement of the new school year.

Some 86 children benefited from the exercise which saw the handing out of school bags, shoes, books, pencils, belts, among several other necessities.

Richie Singh explained that the only thing that were not given to the children were school uniforms because it is expected that they will benefit in that regard through the Ministry of Education School Uniform Program.

“We came in and did a survey where each family submitted a list of names of person per household attending school and based on that we catered for everyone,” he explained.

All children attending school from nursery to secondary received school supplies.IMG_9532

Singh also pointed out that the idea was birthed from reading an iNews article where the poverty stricken community and the challenges that beset the residents were highlighted.

“I read the article and as a result I felt obligated because we realized it is a community that is in need,” he said.

To read the full article follow this link: http://wp.me/p3INEd-6kq

Following the publication of that article, several other corporate entities have also visited the community to see how they can lend a helping hand to those living there.

Meanwhile, John Bernette explained that while other persons were donating food they figured it would be best to invest in the children’s education.

“Like other groups who donate food which people can consume in a short space of time… we wanted to ensure that children stay in school and elevate themselves out of poverty… we feel that is 5 or 10 go to school they can come out and contribute back to society,” he explained.

IMG_9529Bernette added that the group will be looking to do similar gestures in other communities.



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