Over 57,000 applicants seeking house lots, CH&PA says it’s ‘working on it’

Minister within the Ministry of Communities Valerie Adams Patterson-Yearwood

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) says it is working to address the needs of the 57,000 applications it has on record.

Minister within the Ministry of Communities with responsibility for housing Valerie Adams Patterson-Yearwood said on Thursday that “we can’t get it all in one year, in two or three years, but what I can assure you is that we are working towards that.”

She was addressing new landowners in Region Three (Essequibo Island/ West Demerara) at the Regional Democratic Council office. The Minister distributed close to 100 house lots to a number of applicants in the region, some as far back as 1989.

According to the Minister, there are currently available house lots at Tuschen Village, Essequibo Coast, however, the CH&PA has made submissions in its 2019 budget for some other areas in the region to be made available to citizens.

Minister Patterson-Yearwood spoke of the houses that are currently being built at Onderneeming on the Essequibo coast and encouraged persons who are interested to contact the Regional Office.

Minister Patterson-Yearwood said the CH&PA will be focusing on building homes especially for persons in the low-income bracket. She said it has been found that the greatest need for housing is at the low-income level.

Houses will be constructed at Prospect, East Bank Demerara for prices ranging between $3.5Million to $6Million, to meet the needs of low-income earners.

The construction of the homes will follow a housing exhibition, which is slated for December later this year.


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