Over 500 persons benefitted from Moderna vaccine donation – Dr Anthony


A total of 550 persons would have benefitted from the Moderna vaccines which were donated to Guyana by a group from the United States, Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony revealed today.

The group, he explained, donated 1,100 doses which were initially offered to frontline healthcare workers who were yet to receive a vaccine.

The remaining doses of the Moderna vaccine were then offered to the public.

“Some of them accepted and got vaccinated, and then whatever remained, we gave it out to the general public. So it’s a small donation and we’ve been able to use it all out,” Dr Anthony explained.

“Basically, we’ve split the doses in two because once you give the first dose, you have to give the second dose. So within a day, I think, we were able to give out all the first dose,” he added.

“So now, those persons who received their first dose, they will get their second dose shortly,” the Health Minister explained.