Over 5 pounds marijuana found in Route 72 minibus

The narcotics found

Police ranks in Regional Division #8 (Potaro-Siparuni) intercepted a Route 72 minibus that was carrying over five pounds of marijuana.

The discovery was made sometime around 19:00h at the Mango Landing Crossing, Region Eight.

Reports are that acting on information received, the ranks conducted a stop and search exercise at Mango Landing Crossing during which four scotch-taped parcels were opened and found to be containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The four parcels were found among a quantity of groceries in the vehicle.

The mini-bus in which the narcotics were found

The minibus and all the nine occupants were escorted to Mahdia Police Station, where the narcotics were weighed in the presence of the driver, conductor and occupants and same amounted to 2.420kg or 5.3 pounds.

All the occupants were questioned and denied knowledge of the narcotics.

They were all placed in custody including the 38-year-old minibus driver and 42-year-old conductor, as well as another person who had been implicated.

However, all seven passengers were subsequently released. Investigations are ongoing.