Over 30% of works on stands at D’urban Park completed


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure said it has completed over 30 percent of works on stands during its first week of management of the D’urban Park Development Project.

The project officially commenced on Friday April 22, 2016 and so far has been progressing on schedule, with all contractors being mobilised and all stands being allotted. This is according to MPI engineer, Bhageshwar Murli, who shared that approximately 300 persons have been employed to conduct work on the 30 stands onsite. He further shared that at least four of the stands are at the roofing stage while others are still undergoing the correction of defects and the completion of foundation works.

Rain or shine, the D’urban Park project is progressing on schedule with workers pushing through poor weather conditions
Rain or shine, the D’urban Park project is progressing on schedule with workers pushing through poor weather conditions

“So far, everything has been progressing as scheduled,” Murli was quoted as saying in a statement from the Public Infrastructure Ministry.

He attributed successes so far to the employment of the double shift system, to which all of the contractors have been adhering. While the smaller contractors have had more difficulty with compliance, they have nonetheless cooperated since they recognised the importance of the project, Murli added.

However, he said, the weather has proven to be a hindrance. “The weather has been very, very unkind to us but we’re still pushing on. We’ve been stressing to all contractors the importance of pushing through the conditions,” Murli said.

Additionally, he explained that MPI workers have taken a very “hands on” approach to the project and have been working on their own shift system to ensure that the project is always overseen by an MPI official. He added that briefings are held twice a day to maximise efficiency.

“We’ve shared the scope of works with all of the contractors during our briefings to ensure everyone is on the same page,” he said.

The set deadline for the completion of the stands – and the entire project – is May 12, two weeks before Independence Day. The outstanding works cover six areas. These are, roofing and remedial works for spectator bleachers; completion of superstructure, walls and roof for VIP stand; electrical wiring, lighting and power supply; access driveways and bridges; creation of sanitary facilities; and drainage works.


  1. The cost of all this round the clock work, must be phenomenal. The entity that failed, so miserably, to implement the project, and caused all this extra work, should be sanctioned in some way, whether it be friend of friends, or another Govt department.


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