Over $127M in rates and taxes collected during amnesty period – M&CC


The amnesty period, November 15 – December 2017, provided by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) for defaulters to pay up their rates and taxes which were in arrears. This period saw the Council receiving over $127 Million in arrears.

M&CC Treasurer, John Douglas

This was disclosed by City Treasurer, John Douglas during a press conference held last Friday in the M&CC’s boardroom. However, Douglas noted that because the money was paid during the amnesty period, the sum of $335 Million was waivered.

Nevertheless, speaking on behalf of the council, Douglas expressed “a heartfelt thank you to all those rate-payers who came into City Council and honoured their obligation during the period of amnesty”.

According to a Department of Public Information (DPI) release, the money received was owed to the council over a period of two decades. The non-payment of the rates and taxes hindered the works of the council for several years. This included sustaining current works in the City including drainage, road repairs, cleaning and greening of parks, gardens and open spaces, garbage collection and disposal and enforcement of compliance to the country’s by-laws and building codes, and public health and environmental services, in all local communities.

Prior to the period of amnesty, the M&CC was owed over $22 billion, in outstanding property rates. The council is urging property owners to visit the M&CC office to pay their taxes as it will assist in the development and sustainability of the city.


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