Over 1100 cosmetics products seized by GA-FDD


The Government Analyst-Food and Drugs Department (GA-FDD) has seized over 1100 cosmetics products from an East Coast Demerara (ECD) businessman over improper labelling.

According to the GA-FDD, the items were imported into Guyana via the border town of Lethem and were not processed by the Department; in addition, the labels were presented in a foreign language (Portuguese).

The laws of Guyana state that Food and Drug Act Chapter 34:03 and its accompanying Regulations, Regulation 7, 18 (15) and Part V Regulations 99 state: “No person shall sell a cosmetic unless a label is applied to the cosmetic in compliance with these Regulations”.

Importers of cosmetics, the GA-FDD stated, must ensure that all cosmetic items duly facilitated for release are labelled in the English Language.

“Importers are, therefore, being urged to ensure their products are in compliance with the laws of Guyana Food and Drug Act and its Regulation for labelling of food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices […that they] are in English,” the approving agency said on Thursday.