Over $100M in ganja destroyed along Berbice River  

The ganja farm found at Gaettroy Village on the Berbice River

Several raids conducted by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) along the Berbice River has unearthed over $100 million in marijuana plants.

Police on Saturday said that raids were conducted at DeVeldt, Gaettroy and Bartica villages along the Berbice River.

At Gaettroy Village, two farms were discovered approximately two and a half acres each respectively, along with a camp; both fields had roughly 25,000 plants, ranging between two to five feet, with an estimated street value of $83,400,000.

The marijuana plants found at Bartica Village, Berbice River being destroyed

At Bartica Village, two and a half acres with approximately 20,000 plants and a camp were found. The plants, ranging between three to six feet, had an estimated street value of $47,500,000.

Meanwhile, at DeVeldt Village, an acre of plants (some 3000) and a camp were discovered. According to Police, the plants had a street value of $4,075,000.

According to the police statement, the plants and camps were photographed and destroyed by fire.

Police destroyed the camp found along with a ganja farm at DeVeldt Village, Berbice River

Meanwhile, on Friday, ranks conducted a drug eradication exercise at Calcuni, Upper Berbice River.

During the six-hour operation, the investigative team found a four-acre cannabis cultivation. Some 18,000 ganja plants were found, along with a large quantity of dried cannabis.

Additionally, five spent cartridges, a make-shift camps with four hammocks, a mattress, kitchen utensils, and groceries were found. The farm, camp, and dried cannabis were photographed and destroyed by fire, Police said.

No arrests were made during the raids.