Over 10,000 ballot papers to be extracted today for Disciplined Services, nonresident voters


Ballot papers and other sensitive materials which will be used at the upcoming polls arrived this morning, under tight security, at the Headquarters of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Representatives of the various political parties contesting the elections were on scene to observe the offloading of the materials.

Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield told the media that over 10,000 ballots will be extracted today.

These will be used for the General and Regional Elections for the Disciplined Services on February 21 as well as for nonresident voters, such as the country’s overseas diplomats.

For the Disciplined Services, a total of 10,226 ballot papers will be extracted while 83 will be extracted for the nonresident voters.

For the nonresident voters, Lowenfield explained that “we post it up to them and ask that it returns by a particular date.”

In all, 10,309 ballot papers will be extracted today.

The remaining ballot papers will be secured until March 2, 2020.