Outliers Zone to educate 11,000 households with financial campaign


With the aim of educating some 11,000 households in Guyana on how to break away from generational poverty and embark on a journey to being financially stable, Outliers Zone, a financial management training institute is expanding its services countrywide as it launched its national financial literacy campaign on Friday.

The Campaign entitled “GET MONEY-SMART GUYANA”, is aiming to educate households locally in order to end the usual paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and is expected to be activated through a series of workshop aimed at enabling adults, youths and children to be money smart.

“We found that when employees were exposed to this information they were able to take action, immediate action to improve it for their generation. Hence the reason for launching this specific initiative that will be able to help 11,000 households in Guyana get clear on whether they are creating a legacy of bills or wills,” CEO Athalyah Yisrael stated.

“We will be taking our first step specifically with a Mega employee money management workshop. This is set out to help 600 employees end that paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle so what we will be focusing on specifically is helping employees identify where they are….not just to identify but understand what they can do now to begin recreating that financial identity,” she stated.

The Mega Employee Money Management workshop is slated for November 3 at the Guyana Marriot Hotel under the Theme “Mission Break Free: Ending the Paycheck to paycheck life and taking control of your financial future now”, from 12:00hrs to 17:00hrs.

Additionally the workshop is expected to roll out in Linden, Berbice and Essequibo, while the organization seeks to also partner with the government, banking and industry stakeholders, private and public sector to ensure that the campaign meets its 11,000 household goal.