“Opposition’s sole purpose is to hurt the country” – President tells Wakapau residents

Ramotar and team are greeted on arriving in Wakapau, Region Two


President Donald Ramotar addressing residents at the community meeting in Wakapau, Region Two
President Donald Ramotar addressing residents at the community meeting in Wakapau, Region Two

[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar on Saturday visited the Arawak village of Wakapau in Pomeroon, Region Two where he updated residents of the indigenous community on national development issues.

He was accompanied by Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Alli Baksh and Region Two Chairman, Parmanand Persaud.

The Head of State updated the community on obstacles faced by the government in carrying out its development agenda, the main one being the Opposition’s ‘anti-development’ stance against projects such as the Specialty Hospital and the effort to have hydro-power in the country.

The President also spoke of the Opposition’s continued lingering on the passage of the critical Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill. He stated clearly that the Opposition is only looking after its own political agenda at the expense of the country and its people.

“They want power so bad that they do not care if they hurt the ordinary people of our country,” the President said and pointed out, that the Opposition’s sole purpose is to hurt the country in hopes that things will become so bad that the people would turn against the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPPC) Government.

Ramotar and team are greeted on arriving in Wakapau, Region Two
Ramotar and team are greeted on arriving in Wakapau, Region Two

Residents were also brought up to speed with the Opposition’s cutting of the National Budget, with an emphasis on targeting developmental programmes and the threat to pass a no-confidence motion against the government for seeking to restore the funds cut from the 2014 Budget.

The President said that this latest action by the Opposition shows their dishonesty in their carrying of the propaganda line that Government, in restoring the cut projects is acting illegally.

“The constitution gives us this right,” the President said. He said too that the Opposition has the advantage of having the country’s two main private newspapers on its side

“That is why they will never like us. That is why they will never write anything good about us in the paper because of this different interest that they represent,” the President said.

During the meeting the President also spoke of the many government efforts over the years to transform the economic landscape of the country.

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  1. Specialty Hospital / hydro-power…is opposition politicians breaking any laws by trying to block these projects? The two main news papers he talked about are SN and KN..Again if laws are broken then why no action taken??
    News papers operatives must be made to print the –TRUTH–FACTS even if one sided against Government and not just journalists opinions where its all a pack of lies where it could hurt citizens and hide behind freedom of speech and freedom of press..
    once a news paper print a slander and it is what it is then that news paper must be made to pay the ultimate price..
    Every time they slander they must be sued for no less than one billion dollars..
    News paper owners are in the news business to print what they see as facts and truths with disregard for who they hurt..
    News paper owners must be hurt big time in the pocket books and you will see how fast they get in line with truths and facts and stop hiding behind freedom of speech and press freedom..
    Let me show how deadly propaganda news can be..
    Sadam Hussein invaded Kuwait..The Kuwaiti ambassador testify before US congress that Sadam soldiers were throwing babies out of incubators and taking it to Iraq..It never happened…There were no babies being thrown out of any incubators period..Propaganda was to get the world to hate Sadam and his soldiers by using propaganda news with words like babies being tossed from incubators..
    In 1992 CBC news kept reporting ” opposition forces blocking government supporters from voting ”
    Well you figure this out..
    In 1992 the Government was PNC on voting day..
    Opposition was PPP..
    Which PPP forces could ever dare stop any PNC voter from voting???


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