Opposition to solicit responses from Govt on ‘impassable’ interior roads


… other complaints raised by truckers

The state of some of the interior roads that truckers are forced to traverse to get vital supplies into the interior and carve out a living for themselves.

In keeping with promises made to a number of truckers after a meeting regarding the hinterland roadways and bridges, the Opposition intends to solicit from the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, what solutions are going to be implemented to ease the struggles faced by those truckers due, among other things, to the impassable interior roads, when Parliament convenes on Friday.

Opposition Member of Parliament Bishop Juan Edghill is requesting that Patterson tell the National Assembly “what measures he has put in place to immediately address the plight of the truckers who are moving goods to and from Georgetown and Lethem and other interior locations where these critical interior road links are now impassable.”

Additionally, questions will be posed regarding measures made by government to rectify the “impenetrable Puruni Landing- Olive Creek- Papshao landing and the Mabura – Kurupukari-Annai and Annai-Lethem Road in order to ensure that travellers and truckers can do their business with as little stress and costs to them and their families.”

Furthermore, Patterson will be probed for answers regarding what is being done to remedy the “dangerous Kwakwani-Ituni-Linden road link which is affecting the residents of Region 10, Linden.”

Recently, a group of truck operators took their complaints to Leader of the Oppositon, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo and a number of concerns were aired. The truckers told the Opposition Leader that they are looking for a fair opportunity to access jobs with the Government of Guyana. They also raised a number of other concerns.

One was the length of time, approximately three months, it took to obtain a National Insurance Scheme (NIS) compliance; and when obtained, same expires in one month.

Also discussed was the impact the inability to work is having on families, more particularly women and children; the huge cost to have supplies reach hinterland communities when trucks are unable to provide this service (in this case $150 per pound for airfreight, while its $12 per pound via trucks); and the Linden toll imposition, which the truckers deemed discriminatory.

Highlighted at the meeting specifically was the road to Olive Creek, and more particularly its condition between Itaballi and Papshao in Region Seven.

The group was assured by Jagdeo that he and his team are “willing, ready, and able to champion the just causes of this and every group that requires representation.”


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