Opposition Leader appeals decision by Chief Justice

APNU Leader, David Granger

Leader of A Partnership for National Unity [APNU], David Granger has filed an appeal against the decision of Chief Justice [ag] Ian Chang, who ruled that Mr. Granger should be excluded as a defendant in the Budget Cuts case.

At a press conference this morning, Wednesday July 4, APNU’s Member and Parliamentarian, Basil Williams outlined the grounds of appeal, which includes, “The refusal to hear Mr. Granger before excluding him as a Defendant under Article 172 (2) of the Constitution was contrary to the rules of natural justice and Article 144 (8) of the Constitution”

APNU is also appealing the decision on the ground that the Chief Justice’s decision was arbitrary and unreasonable.

According to Williams, “On today’s date, Brigadier Granger caused to be filed in Full Court, a Notice of Motion seeking orders to set aside the decision striking him out as a Defendant and to stay proceedings in the Budget Cuts case until the hearing and determination of the said Appeal.”