Opposition has used one seat majority to hold back progress – Pres. Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The gaining of the one seat majority by the Parliamentary Opposition was seen as a milestone in local politics, however, gaining of numerical superiority, in the National Assembly, has not been put to effective use by the combined opposition, according to President Donald Ramotar.

Speaking during an interview with the state owned National Communications Network on Friday, October 10, the President said that with their new found position in the National Assembly, the Opposition should have seized the opportunity to further Guyana’s developmental agenda by working with government to ensure that key transformational projects were undertaken.

“They have never used their one seat majority to say, PPP, you are not building enough houses, you are not building enough roads, they’re cutting our budget, and the emphasis from them is obstruction, not to use their one seat majority to try to push us to do more,” he stated.

Listing projects such as the Specialty Hospital to give people services that they cannot afford now, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Expansion, Amalia Falls Hydro project, Amerindian Development Programmes, and other infrastructural projects, the president said that the opposition is not trying to push government, as far as development is concerned.

“What we have,” he explained, “is an opposition that is trying to hold back the progress of the country that is the sad reality of the one seat majority”.

He also cited the failure of the opposition to support the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill, a piece of legislation that most recently saw the Caribbean Bankers Association describing as necessary, in addition to many other international financial bodies. This legislation is so necessary to Guyana’s wellbeing, yet the opposition refuses to support it.

The President said that despite the efforts of the Opposition, Guyana’s economy has continued to grow, and this “speaks to the importance and strength of the democratic system that we have established in Guyana, and with all the negative comments in the press and media about this, tells us that our democracy has taken root in our society and it has facilitated our development in very difficult circumstances and our country continues to move forward.”

Last year, the combined Opposition cut the Budget by $31B and in 2012 by $21B. This year, $37.4B was cut from the budget. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. Ramotar and his handler still hasn’t ‘gotten it’ He is the one who has failed to keep any of his campaign promises! He is still carrying on as if he did not run a minority government and most sinful of all is that his government acts as if they are accountable to no one!! The Guyanese people would do well to recognize that all this talk from the PPP is the same old …….. It’s always someone else’s fault that the public is being robbed and screwed around and NOT the government who is supposed to protect and enhance the country’s assets!

  2. Car has to be an old model, if al parties bickering dont blame d president. There r bickering in u s too, do u blame obama? If u r contented by being 2nd class that you, but dont tell me you have not seen developement in Guyana. Be truthful and chamge ur car.

  3. These remarks were uttered in New York during the UN meeting, but it does not matter how stale they are, they still help to define the man who constantly blames the opposition for holding back progress while the government keeps illegally raiding the various funds to pay for whatever it wants. Ramotar has not once proposed a viable major economic project, so what progress exactly is the opposition holding back? All the opposition wants are transparency and accountability, along with punitive actions against the bevy of corrupt players sucking the nation dry.

  4. Tell me something else, the PPP would have done the same, you guys just keep us in bondage all of you, from PPP to PNC to AFC.

  5. What Progress? For the past years, 2011, 2012, 2013 and the ten months of 2014, all I’ve experienced in my visits, read and heard was whining and bickering from all parties, while the country is going to “Hell in a Hand basket” If you want to be believed Mr. Ramotar, start making the citizens of Guyana PRIORITY 1. Then your statements will have some validity. Elect a Mayor, not appoint people that are incompetent at doing their jobs, you are the “President”, you have an obligation to the people of Guyana, and the constant in-fighting and lack of professionalism, reflects on you. Guyanese around the world, are embarrassed that their country has “fallen” to this level of disgrace. And you have the gall to make a recent speech in Washington, that we should return and help out the economy? At this juncture, most of would rather be 2nd class citizens than return home to absolute regression.

  6. done tell yaal aready…de peg man ent get bang fuh he bucks him pumped into afc to black de marriott..hotel peg big man waan back him money..
    media mogul KN babboolall ent get bang fuh he bucks him pumped into afc suh him want back him money..de cackeye dude supposed to get de big shat friends of de watafalls babboolall friends some big contract but ppp knack all dem out in one single blow..dem bana waant back all dem money dem pumped into afc..
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