Opposition files no-confidence motions against Ministers Anthony, Benn

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn and Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon today filed two no-confidence motions with the Clerk of the National Assembly against Minister of Health Dr Anthony and Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn.

According to a statement from the APNU+AFC, “…in filing these No Confidence Motions, is acting on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Guyanese who have lost all confidence in the performance of these two incompetent ministers to perform their duties.”

The APNU+AFC is contending that “the management of the spread of COVID-19 has been woeful, there has been questionable procurement of vaccines and confirmed COVID cases and deaths are spiralling out of control. Dr. Anthony must bear direct responsibility for the health care crisis and disaster he has placed Guyana in, imperilling the lives and health and wellbeing of every citizen. The nation has lost confidence in Dr. Anthony and we formally take action on behalf of the people of Guyana today.”

However, this position comes on the heels of Harmon discrediting the Covid-19 vaccination campaign by dissuading persons from taking the Sputnik V vaccine.

Moreover, the APNU+AFC argued that “crime in all forms is on an astronomical increase in Guyana. Robberies of various kinds, break and enter, murders, vehicular homicides, violent assaults have enveloped the society. Citizens are living in mortal fear.”