Opposition files no-confidence appeal at CCJ


The Opposition, Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) today filed its appeal in the no-confidence case at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

The matter, filed in the name of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo, comes up for case management on March 29, 2019.

The Opposition is appealing the ruling of the local Appeal Court, which found that the no-confidence motion brought against the government was not validly passed on December 21, 2018.

The Court of Appeal had ruled that 34 votes were required to validly pass the motion.

In its appeal, Jagdeo asked the court to treat the hearing as urgent.

According to court documents, the Opposition is asking the regional court to set aside or reverse the judgment of the Court of Appeal of Guyana and restore the decision of acting Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire.

The Chief Justice (ag) had ruled on January 31, 2019 that the no-confidence motion was validly passed.

Further, the Opposition is asking the court to make a declaration that 33 votes constitutes a majority of all elected members of the National Assembly, within the meaning of Article 106 of the Constitution of Guyana.

See full appeal here: Notice of Application and Draft Order of the Applicant



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