Opposition Coalition sweeps 4 – term Gov’t out of Office in St Kitts & Nevis



BASSETERRE, St Kitts (CMC) – The Supervisor of Elections, Wingrove George, broke his silence on Tuesday and named Team Unity, an amalgam of three opposition parties as the winner of Monday’s general election in St Kitts-Nevis.

But while George said that Team Unity had won seven of the 11 seats contested in the general election, he gave no figures, saying that they would be provided later on Tuesday night.

The other four seats were won by the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) and the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) that had formed an accommodation to contest the polls in which outgoing Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas was seeking to become the first regional politician to win five consecutive general elections.

In his brief radio broadcast, George defended the decision not to make public earlier Tuesday, the result of the polls, apologising to the nation “for the length of time this might have taken, but we have to remember that sometimes to be sure we have to take our time.

“The writ issued by the Governor General to the Returning Officers they have up until the 18th (February) to give me the final decision.

“So even though it might be long, it is not unlawful, it is not illegal and they would not go wrong in taking their time to do what they have to do.

“Like I said this morning there were certain processes to go through, we had challenges, we had reviews, and it would have been very unprofessional of me , as Supervisor of Elections to go and make announcements while the whole process will be revisited because if anything was to take a different turn I would have had to be updating and retracting statements”.

George said he believed making the statement now “was the opportune time and the relevant time to say what is the final decision and for those who might be suggesting that I am using delaying tactics there is nothing to delay about the fact.

“It is just to make sure the information reported is really the fact and to do it hastily would and could ensure you aren’t reporting the facts,” he said.

Several regional governments had called on George to release the facts of the elections and in his statement he said that Team Unity, led by the 51-year-old economist Dr. Timothy Harris had won seven of the 11 seats in the 15-member National Assembly.

Team Unity comprises the main opposition People’s Action Movement (AM), the recently formed People’s Labour Party (PLP) and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).