OPINION: GECOM must move ahead and declare Dr Irfaan Ali as President

PPP/C Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali

The following is an opinion piece by Neil Kumar

Leading global institutions of integrity and fervour continue to call on the Granger Government to respect the Rule of Law, and on GECOM to hasten the swearing in of Dr Irfaan Ali based on the verified recount of votes cast at Guyana’s General and Regional Elections held on March 02, 2020.

Recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres joined other international bodies, such as the Organisation of American States (OAS), the US Senate Foreign Committee, the Elders and the Carter Center, in denouncing the impasse and suppression of Guyana, created by a stubborn David Granger Cabal.

The nation and observers around the world have witnessed, with shock and abhorrence over the past four months, a desperate and seemingly alarming degradation of the rationality in some who were considered sane and educated, who publicly support the APNU/AFC’s seditious assault on the people of Guyana. It has taken a broad national cohesive movement of the PPP/C, led by Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and President-elect Dr. Irfaan Ali, together with all contesting parties at these elections and other massive civil forces and international protectors of democracy, to confront this assault and bring us to this point by repelling our nation’s greatest threat.

The events, including the transparent recount of votes cast following credible Elections Day voting, serve to convince many, including the APNU/AFC Coalition supporters, that the PPP/C won these elections. This is despite David Granger and his pit bulls’ shameless corroborated support of the unreserved naked display of partisan bias by the GECOM Secretariat and CEO Keith Lowenfield, who, in conflict with his role, continues to frustrate, hinder and suppress the democratic process in Guyana.

Diehard hopefuls sometimes display such behaviours and reactions before Elections, but never in our history were such trends knowingly protracted in the face of such overwhelming public evidence, even after billions of dollars of our taxpayers’ money was expended.

Mr. Granger’s raw “nakedness” has been uncovered with the exposure of his Party’s wicked plot of a blatant, unadulterated attempt of Electoral banditry, which our people must now bring to a swift end. It must have come as a shock to many of his praying supporters, who have followed him blindly, when he could no longer remain silent, and came out in public support of Keith Lowenfield’s flagrant theft of tens of thousands of Guyanese votes.

While many of us have, a long time ago, lost trust and confidence in Mr. Granger, many optimists accept blindly his promulgated false promises and kneeling posture which the state media circulates to camouflage his true dishonest and indecent disposition.

There has been growing local and international condemnation of the Granger- led cabal and its deceitfulness, which the coalition and its agents have so flagrantly imposed that it runs into direct conflict with the platform of promoting education on which Mr. Granger campaigned. They have outrightly insulted the intelligence of the Guyanese people, and it is indeed worrisome that the situation has raised major concerns about its apparent deeper expanse than GECOM.

Many have supported this conclusion, given the numerous emerging questions that are suggestive of unprofessional infiltration exercised through biased roots of discord shown by some judicial officers.

Too often we have witnessed matters abusive to the judicial system being acted on, and decisions delivered by some judges revealing biased results in favour of the PNC/APNU/AFC, before these decisions are judicially examined by our apex court and being consistently overturned.

In this regard, while we hope that we are wrong, the time is now for an exorcism of the apparent demons in these institutions. We cannot ignore that one life has already been lost, our citizens’ tolerance has been worn thin, and Guyanese are getting impatient. We urgently need the new Government to take its rightful place, and get on with the business of healing and reconciliation.

There is strong necessity to enable the operations of the National Assembly so that our country could put in place a comprehensive programme and a strategic plan of action to flatten the COVID-19 impact curve and support the peaceful and harmonious co-habitation of our people. The world is supporting and calling for an end to this history-making impasse, which stems from the unworthy power greed of this cabal which has been rejected by the votes of the Guyanese citizens.

The Guyanese people must halt Granger’s thirst for power by any means. We must not allow him to fool us and make a mockery of us through his created false hope that he can remain as President. His shameless talk about ‘voting dead people’ and those who migrated is unsubstantiated, and he is fully aware that many Guyanese still have imprinted in their memories his role in the Ballot Box Martyrs incident of 1973.

Further, the ‘rigging’ of elections and serious ‘fraud’ committed in those elections held in 1968, 1973 and 1978; the 1980 Referendum as well as the 1985 rigged Elections are fully documented. Today, the world is intolerant of such thievery, and transparency and democracy are the order of the day.

It is time to take the strongest actions against the likes of Keith Lowenfield, whose tarnished, partisan actions justify his swift removal from GECOM. The PPP/C is the clear winner of March 02, 2020 National and Regional Elections, and Dr Irfaan Ali must be sworn now as the Executive President of Guyana.