OPINION…. Eyewitness: Flogging…


…a lame duck

Just when you thought the Chronic, under the ministrations of Nagamootoo and his DPI shill, couldn’t sink any lower – snakes are already on the ground, aren’t they? – they just went and endorsed Granger as their preferred Presidential candidate among the PPP, PNC and ANUG!! Of course we know Nagamootoo is assiduously brown-nosing Granger, hoping against all the evidence that he’ll be PM pick!! Ahhh…hope springs eternal in the human breast and all that!!

But back to the Chronic’s endorsement. They claim this coming election is a “referendum on leadership”, and insist that “from (David Granger’s) entry into the political arena a decade ago, he has demonstrated a (high) level of integrity and uprightness…”

Now, let’s examine this assertion, which is obviously the best they can do, since there’s nothing of any note he’s done as President. Let’s start with “integrity”.

Now, the dictionary informs us that the word “integrity” means “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Your Eyewitness first encountered Granger from his history of the GDF, in which he describes the action of the GDF contingent that shot and killed those two unarmed civilians who were trying to prevent the hijacking of ballot boxes as “exemplary”!! Where is the “integrity” of an officer who can justify such a barbarous action?

We next encounter him in 1979, when Burnham had consolidated his “paramountcy of the PNC” but was troubled by some young officers becoming influenced by the mockery of Walter Rodney, who dubbed him “King Midas” – everything he touches becomes transmuted to shi*!! Burnham bypassed all the GDF officers senior to Granger, who maintained their professionalism, and appointed Granger as Head of the army!! All that meant was that Burnham knew Granger had no integrity as an officer, and would do whatever he asked.

Granger confirmed his lack of integrity when he told a PNC gathering he’d “always” been PNC!! He thus obviously never had any problem with swearing personal loyalty to Burnham at the PNC congresses! And we arrive at his “election” as PNC leader in 2011.

Integrity? Didn’t he connive with the disenfranchisement of the Linden delegation? Didn’t Aubrey Norton insist the elections were “rigged”? Didn’t he then ban Kissoon and Solomon from the party? Aren’t they still persona non grata??

Integrity?? A man who gave Nagamootoo – who helped him win the 2015 elections -Larwah rather than the promised expanded Prime Ministership?? Integrity?? A man who played Machiavellian plots to undermine the Constitution?? Who derided the judgement of our courts as “their perception” and said he was entitled to his? Integrity?? A man who oversaw the rape of the treasury over his Jubilee Park??


…PNC’s lies

The Director of the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), Per Fredrik Pharo, has nailed the lie the new Minister of State Dawn Hastings told about Norway’s US$50M, which she claimed was being transferred to her Government. She’d gone up to the UN General Assembly meet, met the Norwegian Minister and breathlessly rushed home with her “revelation”. It was meant to deny that the international community was taking steps against her government’s illegally delaying the constitutionally mandated elections.

The money was actually being turned over to the UN- controlled GRIF [Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund] and will be available only to the new government formed after May 2 2020!! It’s rather pathetic how Hastings has opened up Guyana to the censure – and that’s what it is! – of a country that has played such a positive role in our low carbon development.

But we can see why Hastings is now the preferred candidate for the PM position over Nagamootoo and Ramjattan: She not only lies like her leader, but, as a ‘real” PNC, she is “born to rule Guyana”!


Your Eyewitness will not say much about the Warriors’ loss to the Tridents at this time, save this: Like Lot in the Bible, we’re being tested by some cosmic force.

But they’re still OUR Warriors, and we remain firmly behind them.