OPINION: Eyewitness – Exposing…



There are some who’ve dismissed your Eyewitness’ oft-expressed prediction that the PNC’s gonna rig the next elections – whenever they get around to holding it! They say this would be too barefaced to even contemplate in the “modern” era. To them I say…all norms of decency are off when you’re dealing with the PNC!! Did you, Dear Reader, ever think the government of a country with a parliamentary governance system – in “modern” times – would challenge a no-confidence motion on the grounds that 33 isn’t the majority of a 65-member House??!! Especially when it’s the Government to begin with because of its 33-seat majority in the said 65-seat House??!!

Take, for instance, all this jiggery-pokery going on with the electoral list – and it IS jiggery-pokery of the highest order!!  It’s simply the initial fancy moves of the three-card-monte hustler before he pulls his switch. It’s called misdirection. The PNC’s gotten the PPP totally focused on “correcting” the list – which has been loaded with all sorts of booby-traps like H2H data and uncollected IDs – while they set up the real stunt, they’ll pull to do the rigging.

Your Eyewitness doesn’t know exactly what that stunt will be…but he KNOWS a stunt’s in the works!! How many times hasn’t the PNC rigged elections?? You’ll run out of fingers!! Fool me once, shame on you…fool me 15 times??!! Jeeez!! Talking about “modern” electoral mores…just look at the stunt Morales tried to pull over in Bolivia last month. He corrupted the Elections Commission so that the computer system was fiddled with to deliver him “victory’!!

It took massive protests across the country to demand the OAS investigate the results – which it eventually did. And guess what?? The OAS just announced: “The manipulations to the computer systems are of such magnitude that they must be deeply investigated by the Bolivian State to get to the bottom of and assign responsibility in this serious case”!!! With the Guyana Elections Commission’s Secretariat stacked with PNC traditional supporters – which the ERC declared was deliberate! – don’t you think the “computer system” can’t be “fiddled with”??

And don’t tell your Eyewitness about those foreign experts who’re coming here to “advise” the Commission. The fix is in…and all of that is about locking the barn door after the donkey has bolted. Another true and tried PNC rigging move is the one Hamilton Green tried in 1992: having urban, lumpen elements storm polling stations just before close of polls!

Who’s going to deny their claims of “disenfranchisement’? The move failed then, ‘cause the PPP’s majority was just too large. Now?? It’s just 5000 voters!!

And there’s no Carter to “call the elections” and also call the White House!!

…the grand giveaway

Some months ago, the Opposition Leader revealed the massive giveaways the PNC was engaged in to some close supporters and party members. One would’ve called it a “fire sale” if the favoured few had deigned to pay for the massive strategic acreage they were given  to rake in the billions in servicing the oil sector down the road. One just has to take a hike down to Bohemia near the Berbice Bridge where 400 acres was given to one Ministry of the Presidency employee. So what?? Duh!! That’s where the gas line from the FPSO will land for a 200MW power generating plant!! And so on…

But the giveaways been coming so fast and furious it’s hard to keep up, isn’t it?? Just look at the 3000+ acres handed over behind Ruimveldt to David Patterson’s buddy over at the GPL Tender Board!! This, of course, follows the 700 acres giveaway of Wales Estate land to a Ghanaian front company that was “negotiated” BEFORE it was registered!!

The mind boggles at what else must’ve been given away!

…Nagamootoo’s avarice

Nagamootoo used his day job at the Chronic to argue for coming back as PNC’s PM candidate. Repeating two cringy anecdotes, he concluded: “It is therefore not the time for it to experiment…with the winning APNU+AFC brand.”