OPINION: Eyewitness



…PNC’s panic
Even without the benefit of all the fancy-schmancy psychological verbiage that’s thrown around so glibly nowadays, even five hundred years ago, they’d figured out that when you jump up and down carrying on about something you insist ain’t true, you’re just confessing that, in fact, it IS so!! “Methinks thou protest too much,” said the Bard!! So when the PNC issues an official but hysterical press release about a report in an online news portal that headlined: “PPP ‘likely’ to win next elections” is flawed, you know that they’re shell-shocked that an influential outsider has revealed that they’re electorally naked!! They protested too much!!
It’s not that they don’t KNOW their days are numbered – counting down from March 2!; their own internal polls showed they’re in trouble. Why else do you think they’ve been making fools of themselves with the hare-brained contention that 33 isn’t the majority of 65?? So how do they respond to the reported assessment of their imminent ouster? Another giveaway!! They started out by defaming the messenger – insisting that he’s an “ASSET” of the lobbying firm the PPP has hired in Washington!! Now if you’ve seen any one of those spy movies, you’d know that declaring the fella to be an “ASSET” of the lobbying firm, is to say they’ve bought him and he’s their agent!!
Now here it is, the writer lectures at the UN National War College – which declares that its “mission is to educate future leaders of the Armed Forces, Department of State, and other civilian agencies for high-level policy, command and staff responsibilities by conducting a senior-level course of study in national security strategy.
“The curriculum emphasises the joint and interagency perspective. Reflecting this emphasis, 59 per cent of the student body is composed of equal representation from the land, air, and sea (including Marine and Coast Guard) services. The remaining 41 per cent are drawn from the Department of State and other federal departments and agencies, and international fellows from a number of foreign countries”. And the PNC’s insisting that this fella – with access to the movers and shakers in Washington – has been BOUGHT!!
Your Eyewitness knows that the PNC knows when someone at this level puts out the kinda analysis he did – especially with its damning conclusion – it would’ve been vetted by folks way up the food chain. And this is what got the PNC so rattled. They’ve been going around telling their supporters that the US administration prefers them to be in charge of the oil economy – which, not so incidentally, was the assessment of the same analyst back in February!!
But the PNC has just dug a deeper hole to bury the dead meat they’ve become like the AFC!!

…the PNC’s bluff
But the PNC shouldn’t be worried about the analyst’s opinion on who’s gonna win the next elections. They should be worried that a top-level strategic military analyst has ripped apart their pretentions on being better qualified to take on Guyana’s security – one that encompasses Exxon’s massive investment in oil. Not to mention being next door to Venezuela – which is really the BIG enchilada!!
What are these security challenges?? There’s Venezuela on the west and Suriname on the east claiming huge chunks of our territory. Granger boasts of getting the army back to “battle strength” – including the revived Peoples Militia. “Guns not butter” he implicitly tells sugar worker folks. But for what?? The War College expert says even Suriname could take us on!! He bemoaned the PNC inability to take on the syndications, money laundering, narcotics production and trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, (esp Cubans and Haitians); Chinese penetration etc.
Imagine if the fella knew the PNC would then completely degut our Foreign Service!! How can the US trust them??

…the end result
The analyst warns, “While Guyana has already been prejudiced…by a lack of capability to respond to its existing internal and external security challenges, without the ability to protect its oil…development will ultimately be unsustainable”.