Lies, damn lies

…and the PNC

That the PNC wouldn’t know – much less tell – the truth if it crept up and bit them on their bamsies, is, of course, known to all Guyanese. Even their supporters. They just can’t help it, since it’s part of their DNA from the moment Fat Boy Burnham launched the party by conniving with the Brits to throw out Cheddi. Fat Boy lied it was because of ideology, but we all found out later it was all about his compulsions about absolute power. Which remains the raison d’être of the PNC!

And drives his successors – including the Sanctimonious Gangster and his minions and myrmidons. After insisting a hundred times he’d go along with whatever declaration the Chairwoman makes after the recount, did you hear Granger now say he meant “only after a LAWFUL recount”?? And as we know since Dec 21, 2018, it’s Mr Sanctimonious alone who decides what’s “lawful”!! If he was Pinocchio, his nose would now be sticking out a mile!!

Anyhow, yesterday, we had the PNC instinctual lying on show at the Special Meeting of OAS General Council – which was summoned to discuss the elections-heist-in-progress by the Granger brigands. Representing them were Basil Williams, the losing-est AG in Guyana’s history, and Karen Cummings, who gotta be challenging him on being a loser in her post as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Cummings was first off the bat and had the temerity to insist that “the APNU/AFC Government hasn’t interfered with the electoral process”!! Yep!! You heard that right!! So that time she personally threatened to eject all foreign observers when the latter objected to the Mingo manoeuvre with the SoPs, that wasn’t interference?? Or every time the battery of APNU/AFC lawyers works with an APNU/AFC agent to block some aspect of the electoral process or other in the courts – such as the recount to be used as the basis for the declaration – what’s that?? Accelerating the process??

Then up came Basil Williams – supposedly a lawyer and a SENIOR one at that! Aren’t lawyers supposed to be “officers of the Court”? And as such have a higher duty to conduct themselves responsibly when it comes to matters involving the said Courts? Well, whatever might’ve been said before about his credentials to be admitted to the Guyana Bar, Williams proved to all the eminent members of the OAS that the only Bar that he should be admitted into are the ones with shelves filled with bottles!!

How could the man actually tell a lie on the Highest Court in the land, the CCJ? But he did – that they didn’t say that only the recount numbers should be used for the declaration.

Can’t they order him horsewhipped??

…and its consequences

Old people say “those who can’t hear, have to feel”. And the PNC regime and all its facilitators in this rigging rigmarole are about to feel. And, believe your Eyewitness, it ain’t gonna be pretty!! And your Eyewitness ain’t even talking about the official players like the US, which just slapped visa sanctions on their a55es – with freezing of their bank accounts on the way. Or even after yesterday’s Special OAS General Council meeting, the matter might be taken to their General Assembly and they’ll vote to throw Guyana out on its ear!!

Nah…what your Eyewitness has in mind has been gleaned from what he hears from ordinary folks as he goes about his business across Guyana. Whatever respect or regard these salt-of-the-earth folks had for the PNC regime – and here, we’re talking about their “traditional “supporters – that has evaporated like a smidgen of spit falling on the sun.

Thing is, the PNC are signalling that they’re doing all the dirty for the sake of the supporters.

But you can’t fool all the people all…

…and the Appellate Court

As they warned, the PNC’s going to the Court of Appeal to complain they were wronged by the Chief Justice on all 28 claims they’d made to the High Court.

Another 2-1 decision??