Operation Safeway: GPF reports ‘notable decrease in all categories of road accidents’


Eight days after the launch of Operation Safeway, the Guyana Police Force is reporting “a notable decrease in all categories of road accidents”.

policeIn providing a brief update to the general public on the campaign, the GPF disclosed that a total of one thousand five hundred and forty six (1546) cases were made thus far, of which five hundred and sixty seven (567) were for speeding and ninety six (96) for driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the GPF, last night alone, one hundred and fifty two (152) persons were given a breathalyzer test of which twenty eight (28) were found to be above the legal limit.

The campaign is being carried out due to the rising number of road accidents in Guyana over the past few years.




  1. What a bunch of aholes “a notable decrease in all categories of road accidents”.big deal what about the increased in robberies and murders of indian business ppl no mention at all.Ah wonder why ?????


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