Operation Dragnet yielding results – Harmon

The bodies of the bandits in the back of a police vehicle. [iNews' Photo]

IMG_1010[www.inewsguyana.com] – Thus far, Operation Dragnet has resulted in a drop in the rate of serious crime and an increase in interdiction rates by the Guyana Police Force, according to Minister of State.

He told a post-Cabinet media briefing on December 10 that Cabinet was briefed on the details of the operation by Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

The country-wide security exercise began on December 01 and runs until June 2016. According to Harmon, more reports of suspected criminal activities are being made and the GPF is able to intervene to stop potential criminal situations from escalating.

Guyana Defence Force (GDF) assets are also on heightened alert at interior bases and border locations, as well on the waterways.

The recent landing of a Venezuelan military helicopter at, Kaikan, Region Seven which was reported within minutes of its occurrence, was cited as an example by the Minister of the army’s increased vigilance.

In response to a question posed about the lack of protective gear for some police ranks, involved in a shootout with bandits recently, Minister Harmon explained that when lawmen are responding to a known threat, “they will be properly attired”.

He added that the Police Force must not be seen as an “alien presence” and this too was why army ranks were not being deployed at present. Once ranks are responding to a known threat, they will be equipped as is deemed necessary, he noted.

The ranks participating in the recent operation in South Ruimveldt, which left two bandits dead, Minister Harmon stated were lacking some protective gear and this was noted by the media. In response the Minister emphasised that Cabinet is unaware that there are not enough protective gear for ranks.

He noted however, that ranks are adequately equipped according to the tactical decisions of the Divisional Commander or the Commander on the ground at the time, depending on circumstances.

It was explained that all of the Joint Services are participating, especially at the Command and Control level via a Joint Operations Center. Minster Harmon said that where necessary police ranks, for example, will be supported by other ranks on standby and the military deployed on the borders and in the maritime sectors can expected “beefed up reinforcements in the event that they need it.” [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Not so fast, sir. The rule of law must prevail. No Wild West behavior. But, hang ’em high, for murder committed, when found guilty.

  2. Harmon ain’t fed up talk shit. This operation is police officer alone. I ain’t see any army men. Suh isn’t dragnet success.

  3. This is great news however did Granger realized by pardoning criminals this will result in higher crime rate?????. Guess not and will he pardon a fresh batch anytime soon?????

  4. Mr. Ram jettan and Harmon please try to understand that the crime rate cannot be accessed in 10 days. You are living in fools paradise if you want us to believe you.
    Let the defense force kill the bandits and president as head of the defense force give orders and power to the army to eliminate all of them. Kill the monsters in encounters raid their hideout and shoot them.


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