Only 6 of 50 SORs tabulated so far; PPP concerned

Frank Anthony

Frank Anthony, representative of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), has expressed concerns over the fact that only six Statements of Recount (SORs) have been tabulated so far.

This is even though 25 boxes were counted yesterday, producing 50 SORs; 25 for general and 25 for regional elections.

According to Anthony, the Party was hoping to have all of yesterday’s SORs tabulated already.

“We wanna get yesterday’s work finished so we are ready for today’s work,” he told reporters.

He noted that the tabulation of the SORs has not begun for the day and that he is awaiting word on what time this process will start.

Meanwhile, during the tabulation of the SORs yesterday, Anthony said live feed was not picking up the audio of the PPP/C’s agents who were making several queries and this matter was raised with the elections officials for it to be addressed.

In this regard, Anthony debunked claims by the APNU/AFC that he was having a “secret meeting” with the Elections Commission’s IT staff.

Anthony made it clear that he was talking to an IT staff in room packed with about 20 people – including observers. “There is nothing secret about that,” he explained, noting that he was informing the IT official about the issue with the audio feed during the tabulation process as well as inquiring about the start of today’s tabulation exercise.

“I don’t know what’s secret about that, every single person who was in the room can hear me asking the questions,” Anthony posited.