Only 2 days into 2016…already 4 murders


It is only two days into the new year and Guyana has already recorded four murders.

In its most recent press release, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has stated that at about 1415h. yesterday Friday January 01, 2016, Ganesh Ramlakhan, 34 years, of Mon Repos, ECD, became involved in an argument with another man at Mon Repos during which he was stabbed about his body. He was pronounced DOA at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

A crime sceneIn another incident, at about 2130h on Friday January 01, 2016, Deolall Dookie, 20 years, of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara, was reportedly involved in an altercation with a group of men in a motor vehicle along the roadway at Cane Grove.

Dookie was subsequently found on the roadway with injuries and admitted to the GPHC where he later succumbed.

Also, on the said evening, Dewan Baksh, 22 years, of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, was involved in an altercation with a group of men at Greenwich Park, during which he was stabbed about his body. He was pronounced DOA at the Leonora Cottage Hospital.

And yesterday Inews reported that Asif Hafeez, 24 years, of Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice, became Guyana’s first murder victim of 2016. According to a police report, an argument broke out between him and another friend following which Hafeez was stabbed to his neck. He was pronounced DOA at the Skeldon Hospital.

The Police have since indicated that investigations are ongoing in all of the incidents.



  1. Ernie – SO what you gonna say now? 6 Days, several murders, kidnapping, road accidents…. Ramjattan and the PNC regime has plans to reduce the crimes? The are fully responsible for majority because 1) the need to implement better systems to reduce the crime, educate the un-educated and before pardon prisoners -send them to rehab help! Legalizing Gajna is better than having club run until 3am? What foolishness is the security minister expressing? Can someone explain with facts? The crime under this regime will never end because the promise the rice farmers $9000 when PPP used to pay them $6000 per bag…instead this regime give them $900 forcing them to go bankrupt….you need more facts? Tourism will soon be dead because no one in their righted mind would want to return to guyana where crime is like a disease spreading all over….

  2. I will ignore the racist undertones of your post and ask two questions : How do you expect government, or the police for that matter, to stop people from getting drunk and stabbing each other?
    Do you have a problem with the fact that people are being murdered or that the party you support is no longer in power?
    I think your slip is showing.

  3. Look at who killing who before making silly comments these were not random killings .
    These were altercations that GOT VIOLENT .
    Guess the DK IS AN ACRONYM FOR DUMB Kxxnt

  4. Only 2 days into 2016…already 4 murders
    This is exactly the good life PNC talking about echoed by cack eye security minister Rumjhaat echoed by Nagajhaat and Roopjhaat . From day one all the Jhaata that joined de cparbhundhars got sidelined. These Jhaats them think they have tremendous powers when in fact these Jhaats are so dumb they are toothless Jhaats.


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