One in custody over murder of marketing agent

DEAD: Navindra Samaroo

One person was arrested in connection with the murder of a young marketing agent, who was killed last Thursday at Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown.

According to information reaching Inews, a man is presently being interrogated by Police for the murder of 23-year-old Navindra Samaroo.

From all indications, the suspect is said to be the mastermind behind the robbery and gunning down of the now dead man.

It is alleged that the person who committed the robbery had information that Samaroo will be transporting a large amount of cash.

The suspect in custody, is allegedly the man who gave that information to the persons who conducted the robbery, which later led to Samaroo being shot and killed.

Samaroo’s father told reporters that on the day in question, the victim visited the bank and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to conduct the company’s business, and then went to his home to collect his lunch. However, on his way back he was gunned down.

Samaroo’s employer Rampertap Etwaroo, in a previous interview with Inews, confirmed that the robbers did not get anything close to the amount they expected.

The man said the victim did not have a significant amount of cash on him at the time of the incident, and it is unclear whether he had been traced from a previous location.

A post-mortem examination, that was conducted on Samaroo’s body on Tuesday, showed that he was shot once in the arm. However, the bullet didn’t exit his body, but deflected into his chest and severed an artery.

Investigations into the crime continue.