One hour after birth, baby falls off cot at GPHC


new-born-baby-hand[] – The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) says it is investigating an incident where a baby fell off a cot just one hour after he came into the world.

According to a brief press statement from the GPHC, the newborn male was delivered on November 03, 2015 at the Hospital and within an hour of his birth, fell off the cot on which he was placed.

The release stated that all appropriate laboratory tests were conducted which revealed some injuries. The baby’s condition is being closely monitored should a situation develop.



  1. The baby falling from anywhere in his or her life at that stage in life is the responsibility of the hospitals staff to make sure that the child was safe common these little Angels can’t do anything for themselves and it’s our job to protect them whhhhhy are people killing babies because they’re selfishness got them pregnant yes pure selfishness go get yourselves fixed smh THIS KILLING OF THE CHILDREN ARE ALL SINS YOUUUUUU WIIIIIILL BARE JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR THESE SELFISHNESS AND FOR ANYONE WHO’S NEGLECTED THE CARE AND SAFETY TO CHILDREN SMH WICKEDNESS

  2. this is what i am thinking…was he placed on the edge…was the cot on a slant..a one day old baby cannot roll over to the edge if placed in the middle..I hope for him to not suffer any brain damage..will the truth come out

  3. GPHC has the best doctors but the some of the worst nurses.I was a patient there.Please someone do an undercover investigation and expose how unkind some of these nurses are.

  4. This situation with Georgetown hospital is really really getting out of hand , it seen like this new government is not doing they job .

  5. Sue the damn governmen. This carelessness from doctors and nurses need to stop. People need to stand start standing up for their rights.

  6. I do hope that this time the Minister of health would look into this situation and not try to cover it up, by lengthy investigation. Do ur job and bring those culprit to justice, Let us see how u r going to handle this situation,

  7. Excellent job done by the staff of the Honurable Minister of Public Health, send the person responsible for such lwanessness home immediately, What investigation are they talking about???????

  8. Who is to blame the mother or the good ones that put to look after the place come on the job is everyday you where to put baby after they are born so please people come right now this time.


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