One hospitalised following head-on collision on Mandela Avenue


A head-on collision between a canter truck and a motor car, earlier today (Monday), on Mandela Avenue,  has resulted in at least one person being hospitalised.

According to the driver of the canter truck, R. Bachan, he was proceeding east along Mandela Avenue, when he noticed two cars which were coming from the opposite direction moved over into his lane in order to overtake a vehicle in front of them. However, one of the cars, bearing registration number  PKK 9491, ended up in the path of the truck resulting in a head-on collision.

Traffic was also at a standstill for some time along Mandela Avenue.

The canter truck bearing registration number GGG 5573, was laden with chicken feed and baby chicks, some of which perished as a result of the accident.

The driver of the car was rushed to seek medical attention at a city hospital. (Story and photos by Carl Croker) 

car canter-1



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