‘One Guyana’ lapel pin launched


Following the rallying call of President Dr Irfaan Ali to foster a ‘One Guyana,’ two local marketing firms have partnered to launch their unique ‘One Guyana’ lapel pin.

AA Marketing Company (the manufacturer) and SocialRank Media (the exclusive distributor), created a joint venture as they saw the need to create a visual representation of ‘One Guyana’ that any Guyanese can proudly wear.

Since the first batch of lapel pins was made available, it was sold out in record time, without any marketing strategy.

The Creative Director of AA Marketing Company, Anthony Nestor, took the initiative to craft and manufacture the ‘One Guyana’ pin as a means for Guyanese and visitors to foster the spirit of nation-building.

He had also created lapel pins in the past, which include the complimentary ‘I Love Guyana’ pins, Essential workers pins, ‘100% Vaccinated’ pins that were distributed free of cost, and a lapel pin based on the ‘One Guyana Map’ which was unveiled in September 2020 by First Lady Arya Ali.

Special Projects Coordinator of SocialRank Media, Dennon Lewis, said, “As a Guyanese company on the cutting edge of marketing, public relations, and digital initiatives, SocialRank Media is honoured to partner and be the exclusive distributor for the ‘One Guyana’ pin.”

AA Marketing Company and SocialRank Media jointly believe in providing opportunities to invigorate economic diversification and adaptation strategies, so as to foster non-traditional income-generating activity to impact the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The two companies are passionate about youth empowerment initiatives, creative entrepreneurship agendas, diversity and inclusion mandates, gender parity issues, and nation-building. Their vision is to create strategic and networking scope through engaging commercial and cultural practices to deposit a holistic appreciation and an enabling environment for a better life chance for future generations for all in Guyana.