One dead, 2 others being treated following bee attack at Imbaimadai


Donald McIntosh is now dead, and Raymond Oselmo and Tyrone Charles are being treated for stings they received after being attacked by a swarm of Africanized bees at Imbaimadai, Region Seven, on Tuesday last.

The body of the late Donald McIntosh being taken to the morgue as resdients looks on

The three miners were reportedly driving an excavator along a trail in the Imbaimadai area when they encountered a tree that blocked their path.

They used the excavator to push down the tree, but were attacked by swarms of Africanized bees that were inhabiting a hive in the tree. Panicking, McIntosh allegedly ran into the nest while his two companions ran in the opposite direction. His body was found sometime later.

It is believed that when McIntosh jumped off the excavator, his foot got stuck in “quicksand”, and this detained him long enough for the bees to concentrate their attack on him.

After getting out of the quicksand, McIntosh reportedly ran a short distance before collapsing.

His companions recalled hearing him screaming for help for more than an hour before he finally went silent, but they claim they were afraid to go to his assistance.

This was reportedly the second time that McIntosh had had an encounter with Africanized bees. His body is at the Bartica Regional Hospital awaiting a post mortem.

Apiculturists from Kingdom Apiary have since been called in to capture the bees, and they have reportedly removed several hives, which will be harvested for honey.

Linden Stewart has said this attack underscores the need for miners to receive urgent training regarding how to operate when attacked by bees.




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