One Billion rising to intensify domestic violence awareness in Interior Regions



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The gathering at the seawalls.
The gathering at the seawalls.

[] – The One Billion Rising Movement continues to build momentum after its official introduction to Guyana through the Caribbean American Domestic Violence (CADVA) organization recently, which saw the founder of the movement, Eve Ensler, visiting Guyana.

Regional Coordinator, Dianne Madray held a meeting on Monday, October 06 at the seawalls that saw over 50 women from several regions throughout the country in attendance.

Madray explained that during her interaction with the women, she was shocked to hear their many painful stories of abuse that are still fresh.

She is also shocked that many women from the interior who were allegedly raped or sexually abused are unaware that those acts are criminal and punishable by law.

As such the OBR movement is now looking at hosting more awareness sessions to educate women on their rights and the laws that have been established to protect them and how they can be accessed.

She added that this is a part of their campaign under the OBR’s 2015 revolution theme that was launched in the Caribbean, aimed at edifying women at the grass root level.One Billion 2

Madray says she intends to continue various ‘speak out’ sessions; however, it will be done within the communities of those groups that are more at risk to domestic and other types of violence.

Another weak area that was pointed out during the meeting was adequate follow-up by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that would come into the communities to assist the women.

They women called for more of this to be done since it is badly needed. They also urged for more counseling sessions to be done with victims of abuse.

Madray also highlighted the need for adequate health care services to be provided to Guyanese women especially those in the interior since most of the women have never received a full medical checkup because of their financial standings.




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  2. We have the whole country preaching day in and day out about women rights. Things will change when women have power!
    Things will change when the majority of women are in the military and police. The Indian woman is still at home! Find a way to bring them out. You cannot expect the parents to send their young daughters to mix with men and trained by men. It is against their culture.
    Find a way!


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