Officials allegedly accepting bribes from squatters; Cabinet creates another Enforcement Unit



By Kurt Campbell

Squatting[] – A new enforcement unit will be created with the Guyana Lands and Surveys to tackle the scourge of squatting across the country, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon announced today, Wednesday November 12.

Luncheon says notwithstanding the developments in the housing sector with the issuance of hundreds of house lots annually, squatting has continued specifically along the coast.

“Squatting has generated a life of its own,” Luncheon said as he announced that Cabinet has been informed that there are elected officials who are said to be encouraging squatting in exchange for financial considerations.

“Some of us will say taking bribes,” he told the media.

Currently, there is an enforcement unit within the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA). The new unit will work along with the existing unit and will have the same remit which is to enforce the law as it relates to squatting.

Luncheon said too it was recognized by government that further intervention may be need and regularization of some squatting areas. He said what is feared is that squatting may be seen as being encouraged once people feel they can squat today and the area will be regularized tomorrow.

He said also that more legislative, administrative and executive interventions will need to be taken to tackle the scourge.

It must be noted that squatting has been facilitated, in some cases, by persons illegally selling lands in various areas.

The Ministry of Housing recently issued a warning against this where persons were also cautioned not to purchase house lots that are being sold by individuals and not the Ministry of Housing.


  1. Who are the most bribe paying ppl in the world, the reason this is so is gray kind like to do what ever and pay bribe is a PPPc thing, even in the rum shop they bribe for attention,that is why they going to jail in New York

  2. Its seems like you were leaving To visit the outer world, love how you put her to her place, she was not your king right, its the right thing to do at all the offices in Guyana but with the very poor wages your ppl are paying what you want her to do, Why dont the Barrat donate his porks and pay some of the hard working ppl, dont you think with the 25 and 35 thousand a month give you and barrat that to live on, and worse with all of your kind owning all the property and land what you ppl want, you should be the last person to be leaving the sweet Guyana, i hope it was not for holiday,medical of to live,

  3. same thing goes on at city hall and in all government run institutes..bribes to get people work done..imagine a security guard tried to shake me donk for a bribe because i checked in my luggage paid for tax clearance and was going over to the lotus restaurant for a coffee and something to eat..she said im not allowed to go out back once checked in..i asked if its a policy or law..she said she ent know but she could see what she can do for me..i told see what you can do for me..i will do it for myself..i will find an airport official and find out what my rights are on leaving to go out to get a coffee and something to eat..she dont have to do that..go..but remeber i here working for little money..i told..if the money too small what you working for then leave the bloody job go get a hi paying job or open your own business..if rolling eyes could have killed she would ah done kill meh..had she wanted something to eat or drink i would have given her freely..but dont shake me donk for a bribe since you ent getting it..she was lucky i didnt report her..


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