Official list of Electors peaks at 570,787


By Jomo Paul

GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield
GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield

[] – The Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) has published its Official List of Electors (OLE) which lists all of the persons who are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.

GECOM officials have confirmed that the total number of persons on the list is 570,787 while, Guyana’s total population sits at 747,884 according to the preliminary results of a 2012 census.

This would indicate that 76% of Guyana’s population is registered to cast ballots come May 11.

APNU+AFC had raised some concerns about and 83,000 surge in voters on the list, with APNU+AFC’s Joseph Harmon restating that the coalition is still concerned about the numbers but positing that it will be dealt with post May 11.GECOM

Meanwhile, Chief Elections Officer Kieth Lowenfield also made it clear that the list of electors will not be subjected to any other changes and GECOM will proceed with the list as is.

“We have passed all the statutory timelines for any change that should have been done…there will be no changes in the numerical amount listed and we will be going forward with that certified list of electors,” Lowenfiled added.

GECOM has already taken steps to publish the Official List of Electors (OLE) and have it placed at polling stations across the Guyana.

The OLE lists all the persons that are eligible to cast their ballots when Guyana’s electorate heads to the polls on May 11.




  1. I think the opposition killed their chances with the release of their manifesto. Very shallow one with lots of promises and no evidence of how they intend to pay for their promises. PPPC 45 seats guaranteed! The only question is, will the opposition be prepared to accept defeat or will they want to burn down Georgetown this time?

  2. Attention all! The PNC are planning to rig the may 11th Election. 570, 787 persons on the voters list cannot be legitimate.
    Can we remember that the Opposition and Political commentators were writing in Kaieteur news on a daily basis that Guyanese were leaving Guyana by the tens of thousand.
    I hereby appeal to all Guyanese to get your smart phones ready to video any/all corrupt practices by the PNC.

  3. wow..76% of the population is very very old..fuss country in de world i think this might be..granger waiting fuh yall ppp after elections results out not in favor of pnc..

  4. Looks like PPP getting 45 seats this time,wonder how them two drunkmen will get the 12 seats Granger promise them,is war in the camp on May 12.


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