Officer in Ryan Crawford episode to be sanctioned for posting video on social media

A screen grab of the video taken by the officer when he stopped Ryan Crawford

The traffic rank that is said to be in the middle of the controversy surrounding Bar Association member and Attorney-at-law, Ryan Crawford could face disciplinary charges for acting in an unprofessional manner.

This was according to Commander of “C” Division Calvin Brutus who stated that even though the video could be used as evidence in the court, he will be subjected to departmental charges for posting the video on social Media.

Commander Brutus said that “there is a process to deal with that image that was recorded. Because it becomes evidence in a case like that releasing it without permission or without the matter being properly investigated is not appropriate and it falls under our discipline code”.

Nevertheless, Brutus stressed that there is no regulation prohibiting anybody from videoing anything, road users can also video the officers while they are preforming their duties or if they feel subjected to mistreatment.

Further, departmental charges means that the traffic rank could be subjected to suspension or two years without promotion.

Crawford recently appeared in Court where he faced five charges, all of which he denied.


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