Office of the President dismisses establishment of Public Policy Council; says Organiser is ‘shady’

Leader of the GNCPP, Phillip Thomas
Leader of the GNCPP, Dr Phillip Thomas
Leader of the GNCPP, Dr Phillip Thomas

[] – The Guyana National Council on Public Policy (GNCPP) is slated to bring together all of Guyana’s Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organizations (NGO’s/CSOs) today, Wednesday December 17 during a two day summit at the Liliendaal International Conference Centre, Greater Georgetown.

However, the Office of the President says it is unaware of the existence and of the “locus standi of the organisation in Guyana” and is urging the public to disassociate itself from the event and not to participate.

Leader of the GNCPP, Dr Phillip Thomas told iNews during an interview that the aim of the summit is to have the SCO’s and NGO’s represent significant national issues with a collective voice and empowered constitutional status.

Dr. Thomas explained that plans have been underway for over four years for the hosting of this summit.

“The CSO’s and NGO’s in this country have never really had an opportunity to be very liberated and independent in the way they are supposed to operate, free and undetached from political influence or interference. If you recognize in this present dispensation that the political system will say that they are engaging civil society and it’s a cherry picked of specific groups, whether it’s the private sector commission, whether it’s church leader.”

However, a press statement from the President’s Office noted that “Mr. Phillip Mozart Thomas, the organiser behind the activity has been found to be of a shady character.”

According to the statement, many of the persons and organisations whose names have appeared either as speakers and to whom invitations were sent are unaware of the reason why their names were publicised giving the impression that they are supportive of the December, 17-19, 2014 event when this is not the case.

“Further, it has been brought to the attention of the Office of the President that qualifications Mr. Thomas purports to possess are highly suspicious. Research has revealed that the institutions where Mr. Thomas purported to have received his qualifications are unknown institutions, and lack well established bona fides,” the statement noted.

The statement further revealed that Thomas is known to have leanings in favour of the People’s National Congress (PNC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

Thomas told iNews that based on studies that were done by the GNCCP, most Guyanese do not feel represented and as a result this organization will represent the interest and views of every Guyanese.

He said that the GNCPP found that there are over 4000 civil society NGO’s registered, but most of those groups are nonexistent.

“The Political system enabled a mechanism where people can register themselves and get a certain number and go to GRA and get concessions but a few mornings after getting their concessions you find that when you looking for these groups they are non-existent but we have been able to for the first time in the history of Guyana cleaned all of those lists and we have properly registered and identified the true civil society movements the groups all 400 of these organizations, representing every single makeup of this country in and across the board.”

He explained that at the opening ceremony today, an election process will be held for the appointment of the 62 member council.


  1. Fellow Guyanese, I say be sober, be watchful, and be vigilant at all times! We cannot afford to be fooled by these impostors. These culprits are out to enrich themselves in anyway, shape, or form, and in the interim of doing so, Thomas, has exposed the so called “BLUE CAPS” by stating that “CSO ana NGO’s in this country have never really had an opportunity to be very Liberated and Independent… …………………free from political influence or interference”. We always knew that blue caps was/is one of the youth arms of the PNC. Who dos’t know that blue caps are all PNC?
    Thomas, Further stated “most Guyanese do not feel represented” Of course the PNC and the AFC have miserably failed to represent their supporters in Parliament.
    It will be very much appreciated by Guyanese if this Conniving Thomas can be honest and tell us who he really is. Any PNC can be recognized from a distance.

  2. well red thread grabbed 400 thousand and gone in silent mode.
    they will not stop until american help them install another burnham or hoyte
    all they want is rulership to sing dance clap their hands dat awee pon tap now
    what pnc really want again is another ouse of israel to take care of and stopp ppp .
    notice how the afc and wpa people silent on this.

  3. “Dr. Thomas explained that plans have been underway for over four years for the hosting of this summit.” Well,well, well. If it took four years to plan for the hosting if this summit, these gentlemen should only be described as lazy, incompetent ,visionless,and probably double-minded.In other words they are a pack of failures heading for failure.

  4. Who are the backers of this person? Is he one of those who is being financed by the Republican Institute for Free Enterprise and Democracy, American style? That is the same organisation which was involved in Egypt before the overthrow of Morsi. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.Election is on the horizon and Guyanese are aware of all those so called NGO’s headed by known opposition elements. Who are they trying to fool? GIVE ME A BREAK DR(?) THOMAS!!


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