Off duty cops can be terminated for breaching Covid curfew

File photo of members of the Guyana Police Force

Even though police officers are listed as essential workers who are allowed to operate beyond national curfew hours, off duty ranks can face severe consequences, including termination, if they are caught breaching these measures.

This is according to Deputy Superintendent Allison Moore, the Second-in-Command Administration, who was fielding questions from the Guyana Police Force’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Stan Gouveia during a recent ‘Police and You’ radio programme.

“We are the lawmakers and it is expected that we adhere to the laws, and so, when they violate the Covid-19 measures that are in place, and they are placed before the courts, and that’s it, ‘goodbye’,” she said.

Moore was at the time responding to a specific question regarding whether ranks can be terminated for breaching the curfew.

The current Covid-19 curfew for August 1 to 31 is between 22:30hrs to 04:00hrs.

Members of the disciplined forces, including the prison service, are considered essential workers as their operations are required to be conducted for 24 hours each day.