OBR/CADVA unveil massive plans for International Women’s Day

Members of OBR/CADVA

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Guyana will join the rest of the world on Sunday, March 08 to observe International Women’s Day under the theme: “MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

As such, Caribbean One Billion Rising (OBR) along with the Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness Organization (CADVA) will host a women speaker series-sister to sister circle on Sunday, March 08, with a Luncheon at the Pegasus Hotel from 10:00 -18:00 hours.

This will allow for women to tell their stories of abuse and help them to journey forward in finding their true self. On Monday, March 09, an artistic presentation of music, spoken words and drama to honor local women with a special token in a Red Revolution Gala will be held at the National Cultural Centre from 19:30 hours.

Regional Coordinator of OBR, Dianne Madray at a press conference at the Pegasus Hotel on Saturday, March 97 said that both events are aimed at transforming the landscape for International Women’s Day.

She said the event is also being done as a tribute to Dr. Faith Harding, who has been dubbed a revolutionary woman by OBR and CADVA. The events are being held under the theme: “Let the Women Speak~ The Revolution Unveiled”

Madray also explained that the event on Monday will see 100 ordinary Guyanese women honoured and presented with tokens of appreciation for their display of strength and courage in the face of challenges.

“Guyana and all of our nation’s women will be embraced by some amazing women from the USA joining the Sister Circle Unity”, Madray said.

“Together, these amazing women and men have accepted to join us at the beginning of March 2015 for our upcoming Global Rising in Guyana to honor our women who have struggled through Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence and to remember the women we have lost in this struggle and not forgetting the ones who vanish without a trace,” she noted.

Meanwhile, founder of CADVA, Sukree Boodram called on women to unite in the fight against all forms of violence that they are made to face. She also urged Guyanese to go out into their communities and be a voice for the voiceless.

A number of international speakers arrived in Guyana on Saturday and will be present to share with Guyanese women in attendance.

These speakers include Ramya Ramana, who is the2014 NYC Youth Poet Laureate; award winning Author of the book, ‘Until You Die~The Narcissist Promise’, Robin Shaye and Cloyette Harris Stout-from the empowering Guyanese Girls Rock Blog.

Jodi Walters-Founder of The Mother Daughter Fund Project will SKYPE in as she works with parental abductions and domestic violence issues where children are involved and will not be able to travel with the group during this project.