Nyozi Goodman’s remains to be buried next week

Missing: Nyozi Goodman.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Nyozi Goodman
Dead: Nyozi Goodman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The remains of  Nyozi Goodman will be buried sometime next week in Linden, relatives say.

Police confirmed that the results of the DNA test conducted by the Forensic Science Centre in Trinidad is that of the St. Stanislaus School Teacher, who was reported missing on July 06.

The remains were discovered at Turkeyen, East Coast of Demerara on July 24, 2014. Her mother, Carol Green during an interview with iNews explained that it is time her daughter is given a decent funeral.

“It’s time for her remains to be laid to rest and she have a decent funeral so I have to go about doing that,” the grieving mother said.

Green said even though the DNA results confirmed her worst fears, she will never find closure.

“I will never, I don’t think I will ever have closure in a sense that the Bible says ‘children are supposed to bury their parents not parents bury their children’…the way that my daughter died or how she was murdered she did not deserve…but this is life and I mean there are decisions in life that you cannot make all we have to do is just accept it,” Green told iNews.

Royston Waldron, a Taxi Driver, was the prime suspect in Goodman’s disappearance since she reportedly shared a relationship with him. The man was recently shot and killed by Police during an attempted robbery. Waldron was also the main suspect in another disappearance of Police Constable Patriena Nicholson with whom he shared a relationship. Unlike the Goodman case, her body was never found.

The mother is now questioning why the police killed him and believes the person who is really responsible for her daughter’s death is walking free.

“They [Police] did not say he was the killer, they said he was the prime suspect, so if he is the prime suspect that doesn’t mean he is the killer, so the possibility still exist that the killer might probably still be out there,” the mother said.

Shortly after Goodman’s disappearance, search teams were established; however, only a few of her personal items were found in the Botanical Gardens.

Three weeks later, the decomposed remains of a female, beyond recognition, were found at Turkeyen.

A Post Mortem examination was done on the remains which revealed that the woman was stabbed to death.


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